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Solid Rock Paving Services In San Jose

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Solid Rock Paving in San Jose provides a wide variety of paving services throughout the city in many applications.


Our paving team works with commercial properties in the area to provide all of their paving needs, whether the space is large or small. This includes outdoor tennis and basketball courts, golf cart and walking paths, parking lots, commercial driveways, service roads, and more. From corporate parks to schools, industrial facilities, shopping centers, and any other type of commercial space, we’ll meet your paving needs whether your property is brand new or you need to repave or repair an area. We pave with both asphalt and concrete.


Working with concrete or asphalt, Solid Rock Paving does work for residential properties in San Jose. This includes paving, repairing, or repaving driveways, sidewalks, steps, garden walkways, patios, and much more. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs one easy paving project done or a landlord with paving projects for an entire subdivision, our experienced pavers can take on any small or large job.


Solid Rock Paving also completes municipal paving work, contracting with cities, private land owners, or officials as needed. Our team paves residential and main streets, highways, bridges, sidewalks, park paths, public parking lots, service roads, and much more. We can pave with asphalt, concrete, or gravel as needed.

Seal Coating

Our San Jose paving team also provides seal coating services, mostly used on residential and commercial driveways. This process protects the surface from cracks and warping that can result from extreme temperatures and heavy traffic. It also seals out fuel, oil, and water. Seal coating will extend the life of the surface, reduce long term repair costs, and enhance the appearance of your home or building.

Sweeper Service

Any paved service is bound to collect dirt, debris, garbage, and other substances that will make the area dirty.Solid Rock Paving will sweep away these materials and wash the surface with water. After the asphalt or concrete is clean, the newly fresh surface will improve drainage, make it safer for cars and people to use, expand the lifespan of the area, and improve the appearance.

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